8 Things to Focus on for Your Best Race

We’re less than a week away from the ZOOMA Annapolis Half Marathon! It’s hard to believe the end of May is almost here.

With a half marathon coming up in 5 days you may be wondering what to do differently from your normal routine.

Below are 8 key things I am doing in the days leading up to the big race that might help you too 🙂

1. Drink a lot of H2O. I’m aiming for 4 of these 25 oz CamelBak bottles of delicious water every day. 

2. Stretch! There’s nothing worse than being tight and sore going into a run. You can bet I’ll be breaking out the #LoveYourHips Yoga Challenge poses every day this week!

3. Form roll the IT band or any other particularly tight area of your body. I have tight, tight, tight hips– it hurts so good to roll them regularly. Your hips and knees will thank you for a good session with the foam roller. 

4. Plenty of quality rest. At minimum 7 hours. 

5. Continue to move every day. It might seem weird to exercise during taper week, but if you’re body is used to getting the blood pumping a few days a week, you want to stick with your routine. Definitely tone down the intensity– but continue to get out and move! 

6. Don’t eat anything weird that your body is not used to the days leading up to your race. Stick with what you know and what your body can handle. 

7. Plan your race day outfit and fueling. Don’t wear something you have not fully tested. Don’t eat something your body isn’t used to. Make sure you know what you will eat and when during your race. 

8. And finally, have a racing strategy. Will you run the entire thing? Take planned walk breaks? How long will you walk? Will you drink at each aid station? How will you handle the crowded parts of the course? These are all questions you should have a basic answer to before the race. 

So there you have it! The 8 things I will be focusing on this week as I get ready to (hopefully!) PR my 10th half marathon. 

Now tell me– what is the key to a good race for you?


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