Day 2: Adventure Buddy

This week I am participating in the Fit Approach and Skirt Sports #REALwomenmove Challenge. The intent behind the #REALwomenmove Challenge is to show women that being fit is something everyone can do regardless of size, shape or activity level.

Day 2 of that challenge was to post a photo to Instagram showing your adventure buddy.

always an adventure

My original post to Instagram was slightly sappy and this blog post might be too 🙂 I met Nick over four years ago at the indoor pool. Life has been an adventure ever since. 

If you know Nick, you know that he can’t sit still for long. His idea of relaxing is to do something active like take Sarge for a walk, go for a run, or play outside. Needless to say, this has rubbed off on me somewhat. 

The very first adventure we had together was a walk to the dog park with Sarge. He recommended a shortcut through a wooded area. The “No Trespassing” sign and what appeared to be the living area of a homeless person should have been an indicator to turn around and go the long way. But “we’re almost there” won out, and before we knew it we were covered in ticks 😦 and stuck behind a fence. We finally made it to the dog park. This was an adventure I will never forget. 

Our adventures have significantly improved since then. 

Over the past several years Nick has seen me through 3 marathons (Wineglass, Myrtle Beach, and Philadelphia). I don’t know if I would have been able to finish those races without him by my side. He stuck with me at Wineglass when I was in a lot of pain and didn’t know how I would finish. He carried a partially peeled banana for me during Myrtle Beach when I needed to fuel, but felt like I was going to throw up. And he continually reminded me how strong I was during the last several miles of Philadelphia when my legs felt empty. 

Wineglass Marathon October 2012

Myrtle Beach Marathon February 2014

Philadelphia Marathon November 2014

After each one of those races Nick has pushed me to become better. 

I like running races. Nick is iffy about it. But he loves to support me in my endeavors to run. He has spent countless hours running and cycling with me to prepare for races. We always joke that he’s “support crew Nick!” 🙂 Last year at the Wineglass Half Marathon a Course Marshall let the air out of his bike tires, claiming that he couldn’t ride on the course. I ended up seeing him around Mile 6 running and pushing his flattened bike! He wanted to make sure he’d see me at the finish so he started running with his bike. 

In addition to all the running we do together, we also go on other adventures. We spent a week in California last summer and had tons of adventures. The coolest of which was hiking to Half Dome at Yosemite National Park starting when it was still dark out! We had so many fun adventures that I broke it up into several blog posts 🙂 You can read about our California Vacation Adventure hereherehere and here

2015 is no different– we have several adventures planned. We’ll be “running” the Pike’s Peak Ascent in August. If you’re not familiar with Pike’s Peak, the summit is at 14,115 ft and during the ascent you gain 7,815 ft. I’m pretty sure this is going to fall into the “coolest things I’ve ever done” category. In November we’ll be rafting the Colorado River through the Grand Canyon. Nick is definitely doing this.. I’m still deciding 🙂 But again, another adventure that will fall into the “coolest things I’ve ever done” category. 

I’m so lucky is be with someone who has similar values, goals, and supports me to be my best self. Health and fitness are important to us. We want to always be able to live an active lifestyle.

I love that we get to do so many things and go on so many adventures together. I couldn’t ask for a better adventure buddy!

Tell me– who is your adventure buddy? Who is always by your side ready to try something new and exciting? 🙂 Please feel free to share in the comments below!


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