April Miles

I am a few days behind in getting this out, but better late than never!

Monthly Miles is a newer monthly feature here at Unapologetically You. This is a great way for me to reflect on the miles I put in over the past month, find areas to improve, and encourage others to put a few miles in over the coming month 🙂

So let’s get started!

As I mentioned in the first edition of Monthly Miles, I track my cycling miles as “equivalent miles” based on calorie burn. A running mile is not equivalent to a cycling mile. 

April Equivalent – 170 miles

Running – 91 miles
Cycling – 187 miles
YTD Equivalent Miles – 484 miles

For me, that’s a lot of miles in one month! The equivalent miles for March were only 104– so that is a pretty big jump. There were a few things we did differently this month which increased our overall miles. Plus we started training for the SMECO 75 mile bike ride the first weekend in June and I’m training for the ZOOMA Annapolis Half Marathon at the end of May. 

We ran the Blue Ridge Half Marathon in April, which was a fun, challenging, and beautiful course. We ran this race last year, and thanks to all the hill training we’ve added into our routine, we were able to beat our previous time by 10 minutes! Super cool 🙂 

crossing the finish at the Blue Ridge Half Marathon

In addition to the half marathon we had three other long runs ranging from 11-ish to 13-ish miles. And they were all on the trail– my favorite! We started running the 10-mile loop at the local lake, and if we run from our house we’re able to get in around 12 miles.. slightly more if you get mixed up on the trails 🙂

at the top of our final hill repeat at Gambrill State Park

One of the biggest changes we made during the month of April which increased our running mileage was upping the distance on the speed and hill workouts. April I transitioned from 12×1:00 min speed repeats to 14×1:00 min. For both the speed workouts and the hill workouts I started including a longer warmup and cooldown jog. So at minimum I’ve been getting 5 miles from each of those running days. I did three hill workouts and two speed workouts during April. There were also a few random shorter and intermediate distance runs throughout the month.

To celebrate Earth Day, the base I work on organizes the Earth Day 5K. I ran it for the first time this year. I hadn’t run a 5K race since November when I had my fastest 5K ever. The day was beautiful except for a terribly strong wind. Despite the wind I was able to finish the 5K over a minute faster than my best! I finished in 0:26:16. I never thought that was possible. Afterwards I kept thinking that I could have gone faster. That just means I need to find another 5K to run soon! 🙂 Oh, and of special note– Nick has won this race the last four year! He’s pretty awesome ❤

we love our team apparel!
Like I mentioned earlier, we started training for the SMECO 75 mile bike ride in June. I’ve never done a bike event before, and the furthest I had ever ridden on my bike was 50 miles. During April we significantly upped our cycling. Each week we increased our miles. There were 30, 40, and 50 mile rides in April. We also biked to work a few times which is approximately 20 miles round trip. 

after a long bike ride
Whew! It’s been a fun and tiring month. I love being this active, but I’ll tell ya– I have absolutely no problem falling asleep at 9pm. Rest is essential when you are putting in the miles. 

Now I want to hear about YOUR miles this month 🙂 Whether you’re training for an upcoming race or just training “for life” I would love to hear what you’ve been up to! Anyone planning to be at ZOOMA Annapolis later this month? Feel free to leave me a comment below!


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