March Miles

Wow, it’s hard to believe we’re in April already! Spring is making its’ debut in Southern Maryland. That means plenty of races, of all distance, are on the horizon. But as any runner knows, a strong spring race season is built in the cold months of winter.

March has been a relatively normal mileage month.

March – 104.4 miles
YTD – 320.2 miles 

Our weekly mileage has been pretty low compared to the fall when we were training for Philadelphia Marathon. Nick was just commenting about how we probably should start upping our mileage as we spend the next several months prepping for the Pike’s Peak Ascent since we’ll be on our feet at high altitude for 5 hours or more. 

We had one race during the month of March– the Marine Corps 17.75K. In addition to the race we had only two other weekend long runs at 12.94 mi and 13.1 mi. This was partially due to Nick getting sick and me being out of town for two weekends in a row. 

We did a speed workout and a hill workout every week. These workouts were tough, but the mileage was very low. 

For my speed workouts I alternated between minute and mile repeats each week. There were a total of 4 speed workouts during the month of March. Speed workouts were done as follows:

*Mile repeats were 3 x 1 mile starting at 7.0 mph and bumping up the speed incrementally to finish at 7.7 mph. Rest between miles was a 3-4 min walk/light jog.

*Minute repeats were 12 x 1:00 min or 14 x 1:00 min at 8.9 mph with (usually) the last two repeats being bumped up to 9.2 mph at the end. Rest between repeats was 1:00 min walk.

There were a total of 6 hill workouts during the month of March. Hill workouts were done as follows:

*With treadmill at 11% incline 4 min running at 4.5-4.8 mph bumping speed up each minute. Rest was 2 min walk at 2.8-3.0 mph. Continued this cycle until 2 miles was reached. The final week of hill training continued until 3 miles was reached but had bumped incline down to 8%. 

*With treadmill at 15% incline walked at 2.6 mph for 1 hour 15 min the first time (approximately 3.3 mi) and 1.6 mi the second time. These workouts were very specific to Pike’s Peak Ascent training. 

The rest of my March mileage was made up of shorter distance runs, an elliptical workout, and a 25 mi bike ride that I claimed 9.3 “running equivalent” miles (based on estimated equivalent calorie burn). In addition to cardio I had weekly strength training sessions, both with my personal trainer and on my own, and several yoga sessions. 

As I go into April I will be more intentional with my mileage on days where my workout is tough but my mileage is low. I plan to gradually increase the amount of warm-up and cool-down mileage I do. And also now that it’s warming up Nick and I will be trying to do our 8-mile run into work (hopefully) weekly!

I’d love to hear about your March Miles 🙂 Feel free to share in the comments below!



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