Running and Adventures I’m Excited For in 2015!

2015 is going to be an exciting year for running, fitness, and adventures! One of my goals for 2015 was to focus on health and fitness. I had the vague idea that I would run at least a half marathon or do something equivalent each month of the year. As the year is progressing, my calendar is filling up!

Here’s a list of things I’m excited for in 2015 🙂

Marine Corps 17.75K – March 2015
* The coveted Marine Corps 17.75K. This race is touted as the “Access Granted” event to guarantee entry into the Marine Corps Marathon (MCM). Since MCM is a premier running event there are a ton of people who want to participate. This race sold out in 7 min this year. We made it in! 

Blue Ridge Half Marathon – April 2015
* Known as “America’s Toughest Road Marathon”, the Blue Ridge Half Marathon climbs (and descends) two mountains (Mill Mountain and Peakwood Drive) in Roanoke, VA. The course gains 1,897 ft of elevation with a total elevation change of 3,790 ft. The people of Roanoke are fabulous, and the entire town gets involved with the race. The course is beautiful. You’ll also feel like a total badass for conquering the elevation. Oh, and champagne and cupcakes await you at the top of Peakwood Drive– so make sure to celebrate the accomplishment 🙂 

ZOOMA Annapolis – May 2015
* ZOOMA is a women’s race series. This will be my first ZOOMA race. I’m looking forward to running in this beautiful town among thousands of other women who have a passion for the sport of running. I also think this race is my chance to get a sub-2:10 half marathon time! 

SMECO 75 Bike Ride – June 2015
* Nick has convinced me that if I can ride 50 miles on my bike, I can ride 75 miles. So we’re planning to do the SMECO 75 Bike Ride. This will be my first bike event. Slightly nervous because I don’t own a road bike– but I’m relatively speedy on my new Fuji bicycle. This will definitely be an adventure.

* I haven’t 100% committed to this yet. And I’m not sure if I’m totally excited about this either. But Nick is making a pretty convincing argument for me to join him in this course. Pros– life saving skills with official certifications and a fun camping trip. Cons– anyone who knows me knows that I freak out (and almost pass out) at the mention of medical stuff. Maybe this will help me overcome my unreasonable phobia.. 

Pike’s Peak Ascent – August 2015
* This is probably the event of 2015 I am most looking forward to. Pike’s Peak Ascent is a 13.1-ish mile course from Manitou Springs, CO at 6,300 ft to the summit of Pike’s Peak at 14,050 ft for a total elevation gain of 7,815 ft. The average grade is 11%. Ascent-ers have 6.5 hours to complete the course. Rule of thumb is to add 30 min to your flat land marathon time to complete the ascent. We’re aiming for 5 hours. Previous runners claim that most of the ascent is done at a fast hike; however, some parts of it are surprisingly run-able. 

Wineglass Half Marathon – October 2015
* This race is becoming somewhat of a tradition. This will  be my forth Wineglass event. I can’t seem to resist the unique handmade glass medal..

Marine Corps Marathon – October 2015
* Completing the Marine Corps 17.75K guarantees entry into the 40th MCM! Everyone I’ve talked to who has run MCM has nothing but good things to say. This will be marathon #4 🙂 I’m stronger, healthier, and faster. It will be so fun to see how much I improve this time around– hopefully enough to beat Oprah’s marathon time! 

Rafting the Colorado River through the Grand Canyon – November 2015
* Now that you see this on the Adventure’s List it probably makes sense why we’d be going to a Wilderness First Aid and Water Rescue course. Nick is definitely going on this trip. He’s trying really hard to convince me to go too. The more we talk, the more it sounds exciting and fun– a once in a lifetime experience. But it also sounds slightly scary and my brain keeps thinking up “what if” scenarios. I haven’t committed to this yet. But I’ve been spending a lot of time thinking through it the past few days. The videos and photos I’ve seen look absolutely beautiful, and I’ll probably have solutions for all my “what if” scenarios by November. It’s conceivable that I’d be going on this trip too. We shall see. 

So tell me– what adventures are you looking forward to in 2015? 🙂

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