Could a Sub-2:10 Half Marathon Be in My Near Running Future?

Today I ran 12.94 slightly hilly miles in 2:05:49. I didn’t feel like I was running particularly fast. In fact, my legs felt pretty heavy most of the run and my heart rate was a bit higher than normal on the flats. Around mile 5 I told Nick that I didn’t know if my body was feeling up to 13 miles today. 

Turns out– my body was feeling just fine. 

I didn’t know what my total time was until we reached the driveway and I stopped my watch. I try not to hawk the total time when I’m running. It tends to mess with me. I take it mile-by-mile, and even then I’m not actually looking at the full number on my watch. This is probably one of those weird mental tricks that I play while running, but here’s how I approach my run/walk intervals: If we’re doing a 9-1 interval that means every walk break will start on a “9”. So when I look at my watch I’m not looking at the total number, I’m just looking for a “9”. Anyway, I think running by feel versus being concerned about my time played into the speedy run today.

elevation profile from today’s run
#irunmountains #hillseeker

Now, the big question is– how can I be so fast on a random Saturday, not having done any special running prep (I ate soup for dinner last night and pancakes for breakfast.. not exactly my typical pre-race meals) but can’t seem to break the 2:10:00 barrier on race day? This has plagued me for the last few half marathons I’ve run. 

I’m obviously fast enough. 2:05:49 for 12.94 mi. I know I can run 0.16 miles in less than two minutes. So that definitely would put my time under 2:10:00. 

Maybe it’s mental. There was zero pressure for me to do anything today except run every single hill. Being speedy was just a side benefit. On race day there seems to be so much more pressure. Most likely self-induced pressure, but it’s there nonetheless. 

My goal now is to figure out a way to overcome these mental obstacles. I’m strong. I’m healthy. I’m fast. I see a sub-2:10 half marathon in my near running future. Watch out ZOOMA Annapolis– I’ll be there ready to shatter my last half marathon PR!


I’ll be breaking this baby out for ZOOMA Annapolis!

Splits from today’s run. With the exception of the 11:13 where we were trying to cross a high traffic road and I didn’t pause my watch, every split was under the required 9:55 min/mi for a 2:10:00 🙂

9:08, 9:29, 9:30, 9:28, 9:38, 9:54, 11:13, 9:53, 9:50, 9:54, 9:47, 9:13, 8:52

#UnapologeticallyYou #RunHappy

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