Snow Day!

If you live on the east coast you’re probably used to snowy weather predictions that drastically change from the moment snow is first forecast to the hour it’s supposed to begin snowing. That’s been our experience in Southern Maryland the last few times snow was predicted– but yesterday the weathermen got it right. We got hit with approximately 8 inches on snow. And you know what that means for a region that isn’t used to dealing with large amounts of snow? Snow day! 🙂

Enjoy the photos and stay warm!


a few stray snowflakes in the early morning hours

almost pristine front yard

snowy trees

it looks so peaceful

the snow is up to the top of the bottom step!
Sarge thinks she’s going for a run

trekking through the snow 

snow dog

“Look at me! I could totally handle the Iditarod.”

driveway view

haven’t had to break these shoes out since snowy winters in Happy Valley 

snow buddy

the girlies weren’t so sure what to think of the snow

not wanting to get her little feet wet

pretty bird

“let’s go play!”

icicles on the chimney 

on high alert

action shot 🙂

snowy woods

8 inches of snow = indoor workout

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