Ramblings of a Runner

We’re a few weeks into the new year– how are everyone’s goals coming a long so far? I never went into much detail about my specific goals for 2015 when I posted Be the Best Version of You in 2015, but one thing I wanted for this year is to run more races. At one point Nick and I talked about trying to do a race each month that was a distance of 10 miles or greater. I was kind of wishy-washy about it because sometimes it’s tough to find races that are close enough that you’re not dishing out a few hundred dollars between race costs, travel, and hotel. 

I doubt we’re going to run a race in January, but we did just sign up for the Dahlgren Trail Half Marathon which is on Valentine’s Day. Isn’t that such a cute and healthy way to celebrate? 🙂 I love that we do so many fun things together.

We’re also signed up for the Blue Ridge Half Marathon in April. And I haven’t officially announced this until now, but we’re training for a marathon in May! We haven’t signed up for it yet but we’ve put together a training plan for the Maine Coast 39.3 Challenge and this week is the first week of training. The Maine Coast 39.3 Challenge consists of a half marathon on Saturday and a full marathon on Sunday. I’ve been wanting to do Disney’s Goofy (and now Dopey) Challenge since I’ve become more serious about running, but they are sooo expensive. This seems like a good way to try a new challenge without paying hundreds of dollars to do it. Might not be as magical as Disney World, but the race is in a small town along the beautiful Maine coast which sounds pretty nice. 

I might post a little bit about how we’re approaching training for 39.3 while running other races leading up to it in a future blog post. Stay tuned 🙂 

In June Nick and I will be doing our first cycling event. I’ve finally been coerced convinced to participate in the SMECO 75 Bike Ride. Yep– you read that correctly, 75 miles. Not sure how I feel about it. The furthest I’d ridden has been 50 miles and it took a long time. But, Nick does a lot of running and races because I want to do them, so this is for him.

Now I just need to find a March race and I’ll be track to do one race a month (at least for the first half of the year)! Let the searching begin.

In other running and fitness news– yesterday at my personal training session I had my body fat percent measured. I’ve never had this done before so I had absolutely no baseline. Turns out, I’m right smack in the middle of where I should be for my body composition. Pretty cool 🙂 But I still want Casey to continue kicking my butt into even better shape! Also, today was a run to work day. I love those days. We haven’t done a run to work since before Christmas. There are a lot of logistics that go into it, but I can’t think of a better way to get somewhere than to run. And an 8-miler first thing in the morning definitely sets you up for a good day. 

Since I’ve rambled a bunch, I’d love to hear how you’re doing! Tell me how your goals are going; what you’re training for; if you have any experience with a 39.3 challenge 🙂


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