Reminder: Why I Run

Lately I feel that my runs have been “blah”. I keep asking myself, “Where did that strong runner go who trained for, and kicked butt at, the Nike Women’s Half Marathon DC in April?” Oh, that’s right. The “the it’s-not-even-5am-and-it’s-80-degrees” type of weather has caused her to shrivel up. 

But today was different. Today the weather was PERFECT for running. It was a sunny 58-60 degree run with relatively low humidity! I could actually breath. If felt amazing. I needed a run like this, both, physically and mentally. 

There was a slight discrepancy between my watch and the MapMyRun app because I started the app, put the phone in my hydration pack, and then spent roughly a minute fumbling around with my watch. It slows things down a bit when you hit the wrong button and have to backtrack to the correct screen. Oops. 

Anyway– Here’s a breakdown of my splits:

Mile 1 – 0:09:44
Mile 2 – 0:10:14
Mile 3 – 0:10:00
Mile 4 – 0:10:01
Mile 5 – 0:09:15
Mile 6 – 0:10:09
Mile 7 – 0:10:04
Mile 8 – 0:09:18
Mile 9 – 0:10:03
Mile 10 – 0:09:56

Not too bad 🙂

Elevation Profile.

So why do I run? In no particular order..

1) Every time I step out the door to go for a run I am doing something to better myself and my health.

2) I run to feel strong, motivated, determined.

3) I run to set goals and then crush them.

4) I run to inspire others.

5) The running community is the best. Everyone is so supportive and encouraging. 

6) I run because it keeps my anxiety away.

7) I run for the people who can’t run and wish they could.

8) I run for the adventure of it.

9) I run because I like to eat– especially chocolate.                *’s run burned 1230 calories and took less than 2 hours!

10) I run for the challenge. 

11) I run to push my body further than I ever thought it could       go.
     * I might post more on this later, but ask me about the Catoctin 50K sometime.

12) I run to break the mental barriers I have created for myself     over the years. 

13) I run for the beauty of it. Morning runs tend to have the most beautiful scenery.
     * Today I saw fog over multiple ponds, sheepies, horses and cows (all in different spots along the route).

14) I run for race medals.

Have you been having a particularly challenging time with running lately? Or maybe things have been going awesome for you? Either way– I’d love to hear about it! 

Why do you run? What do you tell yourself when things start to get tough? 

Happy Friday Friends! 🙂

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